What photographers did before photoshop

What photographers did before photoshop

Many of the images Elvgren created were used in advertisements and calendars by the company Brown & Bigelow
No matter the decade or the tools available, it’s clear that the media has been making an exaggerated figure to catch your eye..
The bizarre scenarios and silly expressions look all the more entertaining when you see them enacted by a real person
These pin-ups defined an era in art, and seeing the women behind them makes them all the more beautiful.


The case for fewer—but better—clothes

Love this article! I used to work a high street fashion company and one day decided to see if I could give up shopping for fast fashion as I realised I probably had enough clothes to last a lifetime!! It has been 3 and a half years, with only 1 dodgy purchase (fell off the wagon for something very unusual but also unfortunately very ‘cheap’) and now extol the virtues of Bitch and Swap parties, vintage and charity shops and conscious/ ethical brands.. like Itsy Bitsy Vintage!!